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Thrive Occupational Therapy Fees 

Image by Eric Rothermel

Occupational Therapy services are available through NS Health Authority; however, you may have a lengthy wait time to be seen.  


You may have coverage through extended benefits to access private Occupational Therapy services, which may cover all, or a large portion, of the assessment/sessions. 

The following funding sources typically cover Occupational Therapy:

  • Extended Healthcare Benefits (e.g., Blue Cross, Green Shield, SunLife, etc.)

  • Jordan’s Principle

  • Worker’s Compensation Board (WCB)

  • Auto/Motor Vehicle Insurance Plans

  • Veteran’s Affairs Canada (VAC)

  • Department of National Defence (DND)


If you do not have extended benefits, or have exhausted your yearly limit, we also have private pay options available. 


Please contact us to inquire further about our rates and for any other questions you may have. 

Payment and Travel Fees

We provide Direct Billing with Blue Cross, Green Shield and any insurance listed on Telus e-claims. For other insurance not listed, we are able to provide receipts/invoices to for you to submit your own claim.  

We do not charge a travel fee for the first 15 minutes of travel to and from our location (near Westmount Elementary school). After this, a travel fee is charged but it is prorated based on the amount of time it took rounded to the nearest 10 minutes.

Adult OT Fees

*Please contact us directly to obtain a quote for adult assessment, consultation, and treatment service rates*

Occupational Therapy assessments and sessions are completed within the home, workplace or community setting. Virtual assessments and sessions may also be offered, on a case-to-case basis. 


Pediatric OT Fees

 Occupational Therapy assessments and sessions are completed within the home, day care or community location. Virtual sessions and assessments are also offered.

Pediatric Occupational Therapy sessions

$120.00 per hour - 45 minutes direct 1:1 session with 15 minutes for preparation and note taking included within the 60 minutes. Sessions are completed within the home, day care or community location. 

Full comprehensive Pediatric OT assessment report

1.5 hour direct assessment with full written comprehensive report highlighting your child’s strengths and needs as well as recommendations. The length of the report and fee per assessment depends on the child and individual needs. Reports typically take approximately 4-hours to complete. 


Initial Pediatric OT assessment with verbal feedback

$150.00 - Includes one hour assessment with a 15-minute verbal feedback session (75 minutes total). This assessment includes both observation of your child/adolescent and discussion with the parent/caregiver. Verbal recommendations are provided as well as a summary of assessment and next steps are discussed.  


Handwriting assessment

$275.00 - For children specifically experiencing difficulty with hand-writing an in depth assessment is recommended. This assessment includes a handwriting assessment using standardized assessment tools with a short summary report and recommendations.


Sensory processing assessment

$350.00 - For children specifically experiencing sensory processing differences impacting their ability to engage in activities within the home, school or community setting. This assessment includes an in-depth discussion with parents, observation of the child/individual, and a 

standardized assessment tool. This assessment provides further insight into sensory processing patterns in the context of different environments. 


Lego Therapy - Group therapy 

Weekly 60 minute group (3-4 children) sessions for a block of 6 sessions (with options to renew). Groups will run in 6 - week blocks at a time and fees for the 6 weeks will be taken upfront for the 6 weeks. These groups are suitable for children between the ages of 4-12 years. A specified location will be announced upon registration. 

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