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All of our Sleep Consultants are certified providers of the Sleep Sense™ program. 

Alicia - Sleep Consultant Support

Alicia Pottie

Alicia is a  Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) and a Certified Sleep Sense Sleep Consultant who works with children and families experiencing sleep difficulties. As a certified sleep sense sleep consultant, she will assess your child’s sleep difficulties, your main concerns, and your goals for your family’s sleep. 


Alicia will provide a recommended plan of action and help you to implement this plan. As a sleep consultant, she can help you establish long-term, healthy, and independent sleep habits for your child. Alicia helps little ones from birth to 7 years old and believes it is never too early or too late to seek support.


About Alicia

Alicia graduated from Nova Scotia Community College in 2010 with a certificate as a Continuing Care Assistant. After working as a Continuing Care Assistant for 4 years, she decided to go back to school, and received a diploma as Licensed Practical Nurse. After working for almost 14 years in healthcare and becoming a mom to three children. She decided to take her passion for helping others, children, and sleep, and got her certification as a sleep consultant in 2022.


Alicia believes that sleep has a significant impact on virtually every aspect of your life – and the lives of your children. When her first daughter was born, sleep became a real pain point for Alicia and her husband. Her daughter would only sleep if she was being held (contact napping) or in a moving vehicle. Alicia and her husband were exhausted, frustrated and desperate for a solution. Because of the sleep challenges Alicia experienced as a new parent, she became passionate about the importance of great sleep for every member of the family.

Alicia offers a range of packages as well as a free 15-minute consultation. Services are available virtually. This is a great opportunity for parents to get to know her and to see if her services are the right fit without having to commit to it before spending the money. For more information about sleep consulting packages, or to book a free 15-minute consultation with Alicia, please head to our online booking page! 

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